Rendering services

T-Services offers large-scale rendering opportunities for 3D studios using powerful render farms.

An example of the use of high performance capacities of T-Platforms holding company can be a real-life cooperation experience of the company with the producers of 'The Inhabited Island' movie. Read more...

A lease of supercomputer capacities is the simplest solution of rendering problems.

The today's reality of film production demand a huge scope of work in a maximum short time. A typical problem in such situations is a lack of computation resources to produce the necessary volumes of computer graphics. Purchasing a render farm is not always justified, and third-party computational capacities can be inaccessible.

Though the own render farm tends to pay relatively quickly at full load, a lot of studios don't have ample means to purchase it or cannot ensure its full load. In case of an emergence situation when it's necessary to render a huge number of shots, the sole solution is a lease of supercomputer capacities.

The Russian company 'T-Services' specializes in the outsourcing of high performance computations and lease of supercomputer capacities.
For the needs of film production, T-Services offers to lease a specialized render farm with the installed software MentalRay and Renderman to process computer graphics.

The render farm consists of 50 dual-core T-Blade servers based in quad-core Intel® Xeon® processors. The peak performance of the render farm amounts to 4,8 TFlops (trillions of floating-point operations per second).

To ensure a centralized data access for users and to store rendering results the high performance data storage system ActiveStore is used. The system has the usable volume of 12Tb and can be upgraded.

The render farm ensures a remote access of users to computational resources through the Internet by the closed protocol.