28 February 2014

Компания «Т-Сервисы» получила лицензию на осуществление работ с использованием сведений составляющих государственную тайну.

Лицензия на работу со сведениями составляющими государственную тайну размещена в разделе "Сертификаты".

26 May 2010

T-Platforms Group Chosen to Manage $6 Million Nanotechnology and Supercomputing Enablement Program

Applicants selected by a Rusnano Expert Council will receive 75% funding for approved projects.

6 November 2009

T-Services Shares Experience in Providing Supercomputer Data Safety

On November 2-3, 2009, the 9th international conference “Parallel Computing on Cluster Systems” took place at Vladimir State University (VlSU) in the Russian city of Vladimir.

About: T-Services

T-Services is the first Russian company that offers a full range of services on the high-performance computing (HPC) market. By providing extensive support in performing large-scale modeling and simulation we help our customers reduce the costs, cut down the time of introducing new products and technologies to the market, and raise the competitiveness.

We provide HPC services for a broad range of industries, including oil and gas production, shipbuilding, computer graphics and biotechnologies, engineering, and many other. Operating within T-Platforms holding let T-Services not only expand the list of services, but also the number of the market sectors to cover.

Our primary goal is to break the barriers standing on the customers` way to HPC resources use. The barriers today include the high cost of supercomputer systems and software, and a lack of specialists for performing large-scale modelling and simulation. T-Services solves these problems with minimal cost by providing access to supercomputers and software and performing modelling and simulation by efforts of the company’s expert team. Additionally, we help our customers manage their supercomputer sites more efficiently for increasing their profitability.